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Randy Wurmlinger, CEO & President, Netcon Enterprises, Inc.

  • Over 30 years of experience running a wire harness assembly company as well as circuit board assembly experience.
  • Owner of Netcon and one previous harness company
  • Bachelor's degree from Lawrence Technological University in Electrical Engineering Technology
  • Designed and manufactured numerous products for aftermarket vehicles such as van conversions, RV's and off-road vehicles.
  • Randy has received two patents for aftermarket vehicle products.
  • Responsible for obtaining GM and Chrysler supplier codes for previous companies.
  • Worked intensely with and assisted both companies with design and launch of new products.
Randy Wurmlinger Netcon Enterprises CEO President
Ella Motors Wire Harness Contract Netcon Enterprises

2016 - Elio Motors - PDT Lead for Electric Architecture
In 2016 Randy was recruited by Elio Motors to be the PDT lead for all electrical architecture on the Elio vehicle. This included physical design, architecture design, working with numerous suppliers on sub-components and building up prototype vehicles.

USPS Wire Harness Contract for New Mahindra Vehicle Netcon Enterprises

2017 - USPS Mahindra Vehicle Wire Harness Contract
In 2017 Netcon was awarded the wire harness build contract for the proposed Mahindra USPS vehicle. This involved closely working with various engineers and departments of Mahindra and ESG to assist in designing and manufcatruing the 18 different harnesses required in each vehicle. The harnesses were not designed yet and the due date was quickly approaching so Netcon assisted by starting the harness build prior to the completed design. Some of the harnesses went through 28 design changes, up to five changes from the time the harness hit the build board until the time it came off. We had one director at Mahindra tell us that we accomplished something that no company he has ever dealt with would have taken on.

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